Twitter: @go_robreid
I started developing software professionally in 2006 and in my time as a developer, I’ve written .NET, Go and Java applications, front-ends, APIs, application frameworks, web and Windows services and messaging solutions. I have designed and developed solutions for the police, the travel, sports betting and telecoms industries and financial institutions.

Kingston University (2005 - 2009) - First-Class with Honours and awarded "Best Software Engineer" by the BCS.

A-Grade modules include Foundations of Algorithms, Internet Security, Software Quality, Internet Protocols and Services, Systems Analysis and Design, Business Organisation and Practice, Network Software and a double-A for my dissertation.

Technical Skills

C# since 2006 (primary language)
Go since 2015 (primary language)
Java, Python and VB.NET
Databases SQL Server, Postgres (and CockroachDB), MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis and InfluxDB
Messaging RabbitMQ, NATS and ZeroMQ
Cloud Digital Ocean, AWS and Azure
CI/CD Docker, Kubernetes, Rake, Jenkins, BuildMaster and ActiveBatch
Practices Agile, Kanban and a firm believer in the benefits of pair-programming and dev/test pairing

Employment History
NewVoiceMedia (June 2016 - present)
I work in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) team at NewVoiceMedia. We're a small Kanban team, who pair-programme, dev/test pair and are held up to be the model Agile team in the DevOps department.

The software created by the IVR team handles many thousands of calls at any one time, allowing our customers to administer highly dynamic call flows. We're responsible for everything between and including the interfaces our customers use to administer their call plans to the runtime logic which routes calls through the system and various other interconnected systems.

In addition to my work in the IVR team, I am propagating the use of the Go programming language across the department. I'm doing this by way of lunch-and-learn sessions, one-on-one tutoring and providing projects kick-offs and code reviews.

My proudest achievement at NewVoiceMedia to-date, is the spear-heading of a department-wide adoption of Go. To show the company that Go was the right tool for the job, I lead my team in the development of a mission-critical text-to-speech service. A number of other mission-critical production systems have followed suit and I continue to mentor the wider DevOps team and advocate the use of the language.

Smartodds (August 2014 - June 2016)
At Smartodds, I worked in an agile team responsible for bet placement and market data/stats retrieval for quant models. This role allowed me to function as a front-office and server-side developer interchangeably and I became a go-to for the middle tier because of my work with RabbitMQ; building the company’s central message bus, which is used across the business and extensively by clients outside the business.

I was known for my love of developing proof-of-concepts and my ability to build them quickly. My versatility, sense of teamwork, readiness to help and mentor colleagues was also frequently noted. In addition to my day-to-day duties, I could be relied upon to scout out technologies which would benefit the company. In my time at Smartodds, I oversaw the adoption of RabbitMQ, Dapper and LINQPad.

One of my favourite non-technical responsibilities at Smartodds was the developer interview process. I liaised with recruiters, vetted candidates, produced interview content and conducted phone and face-to-face interviews.

Glencore (November 2011 - August 2014)
At Glencore, I functioned as Subject Matter Expert for UX and UI development and a number of widely used internal core components, which I developed and maintained and whose use I promoted within the company. I was also a go-to for all things C#, WPF, WCF, LINQ, UX, UI, multithreading, security and build-pipeline related, helping developers of all levels write code and design interfaces.

Barclays Capital (April 2010 - November 2011)
During my time at BarCap, I helped design, develop and build automated tests for the WPF-based base and precious metals trading platform. I fostered great relationships with the traders, sales and operations teams and held regular work groups for them.

My proudest achievement at BarCap was the design and development of a real-time WPF position-monitoring interface, used heavily by traders, sales and operations.

In my role at Navitas, I used C#, WPF, WCF, MySQL and the Boo programming language to develop bespoke solutions that interfaced with all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for clients in the travel industry.

My proudest achievement at Navitas was the design and development of a robust application framework, which acts as a transparent interface between Navitas and all of the GDSs. It’s used as the foundation for all of their products and is used by many thousands of travel agents today.

Reveal Media (April 2006 - June 2009)
My development career began at Reveal Medial during my university “industrial placement” year. During my time there, I led the design and development of a solution which is used by the majority of police constabularies around the UK.  My development efforts represent a major part of an application, which handles evidential video footage from portable surveillance equipment. As part of these developments, I would frequently provide rapid proof-of-concepts, run exhibition booths and demonstrate my software to constabularies around the country.

I was asked to continue working for Reveal Media part-time during my final year at university and then full-time upon the completion of my degree.

Other Employment History
  • Customer Service Leader, HMV (2004 – 2006)
  • IT Assistant, Electronic Arts Ltd, 2 weeks (work experience) 2002
Personal Interests
When I'm not developing professionally, I following the Go development community online and at meetups and conferences and I make contributions to the Open Source community on GitHub and via my website.

With any time that’s left to me, I enjoy writing and performing music. To date, I have produced 2 studio EPs and have performed around the south of England. I play bass guitar, piano, guitar and dip in and out of learning the ukulele, violin and tin whistle. I also love ballet, opera and classical music and attend performances whenever I can. In my heart however, I'm still firmly a metalhead \m/.