how i test endpoints

When developing a service, you'll want to ensure that you have decent test coverage of its endpoints. I've seen endpoint coverage achieved in a number of »

test tags

One of the most useful go build flags I've used recently is tags. Its purpose is to look at the build tags you've specified and use »

errors and defer

The benefits of thorough testing can't be understated, especially when it comes to anything that's in any way magical. For a language that avoids magic, I'd »


Go's httptest package provides a really simple, elegant way to test your HTTP services. It allows you to create requests to and capture the responses from »


v18.8.17 GitHub: codingconcepts Twitter: @go_robreid Profile I started developing software professionally in 2006 and in my time as a developer, I’ve written »


I was one of many developers lured to Go by its promise of obscenely high concurrency. I estimate that in my first 37 minutes of playing »


I'm a big fan of optimising (?:as early as I possibly can|only when absolutely necessary). There's a great case for not wasting time optimising things »


semver, or "semantic versioning" is a simple but effective way to version an application. In the past, I've relied on my CI process (Jenkins, BuildMaster, ActiveBatch »